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Fixed Rate Saver accounts

Save between £10,000 and £85,000

Fixed termAER*Interest**How to apply
1 year5.66%£566.00View summary to apply
5 year4.82%£2,653.79View summary to apply
* AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.
** Total interest is indicative based on the calculation that the entire deposit is received on the day the account is opened. If your savings balance exceeds the maximum balance allowed, £85,000, at any point during your fixed term, the excess funds will be returned to your nominated current account as soon as possible and the remaining balance will continue to earn interest for the rest of your fixed term.

Why bank with SmartSave?

FCSC protected
Save between £10,000 and £85,000 with full FSCS protection. Find out more about the FSCS
Your choice
You’re in control of what happens when your savings mature - whether you want to reinvest or withdraw, it’s your choice
Start earning interest from day one
You’ll earn interest from day one.
Interest is calculated daily as soon as you transfer money into your SmartSave account
UK-based customer support
UK-based support team ready to help you by live chat or email

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We’re a digital bank based in Wrexham. Being outside London means we have lower costs and can offer you the best rates we can, all with full FSCS protection of your savings.

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